Welcome to Guerrilla LAX!

Modern day Lacrosse players have their own style and Guerrilla LAX proudly sits at the forefront of the ever evolving LAX culture.

We invite you to express your passion for LAX with one of our Guerrilla brand tees.

Our Lacrosse shirts have the same spirit, style and substance as all of our Guerrilla brand gear:

  • •  the electricity of our Guerrilla Radio parent company
  • •  the fight of our Guerrilla MMA shirt line
  • •  the freedom and passion of our Guerrilla Surf gear

It’s all there in each and every thread of our Guerrilla LAX products.

Guerrilla LAX stands alone in the field of aggressive, spirited, in-your-face Lacrosse clothing.

Join the Guerrilla Army in it’s pursuit of raising the game of Lacrosse to a new level of popularity.

Help us spread the fever underground about the game we live and breathe!

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  • On SaledevolvelaxBL419
  • On Sale419
  • On SaleL1006
  • On Sale419black
  • On SaleTANKlax419A
  • On SaleL1003B
  • On Saleneon419A
  • On SaleTomaHawkWHITE419
  • On SaleblackTomahawk419

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